The MVHS Tech Website Is Live!

Hello everyone!

As of a few days ago, I'm finally back in my own home and no longer haunting hospitals and physical therapy facilities. It feels really nice to be back.

I'm still working on getting back on my feet, however, and I've had a lot of free time to kill while stuck at home, so (as you've no doubt noticed) I've made some big moves on the website project.

This might be a step backward for some of you currently working on this project (sorry, Jax!) but given the current circumstances, I think this will be the easiest way to have multiple collaborators on the project and get it made as quickly as possible. Having this exist will be our best tool in keeping the MVHS Stage Tech program running smoothly while I'm out.

You'll see there will be a LOT of content when this project is finished. It is my hope that, now that these pages exist, we can delegate the content creation to a good amount of Tech 2 students and start making stuff appear quickly. Seeing as Blogger runs off Google, it will be very easy for me to add content creators, as well as make my own edits from home. I think this is how I'd like to approach this.

Before I go, here's a pic a friend of the family drew of me while I was in the ICU. I think you'll like it.