Congrats to Steel Drum 2 and Crew for a KILLER Show

Just me, or was that the best Steel Drum show ever put on? I am never not impressed by the Steel Drum ensemble, but I think this Steel Drum 2 group is one of the best groups I've seen assembled. Music variety was fun, sound was crisp, and those transitions were so, so smooth. Of course, compliments to all the Tech kids. The use of color change was subtle yet effective for most of the show, and the use of step effects were subdued enough throughout the show that when they hit (such as during The Incredibles,) they hit particularly hard. Compliments to the Follow Spots as well for letting me know where I needed to look in a show chock full of solos. Enough can't be said about "Can't Hold Us", the evening's finale. On point both in performance and stage tech, the last number brought the house down and made people yearn for an encore. Always leave 'em wanting more.

 Notes for Tech 2 This Week

  • It's CRUCIAL that we are staying SAFE. What I mean in particular here is in reference to my absence and what is / is not allowed in the classroom. If at any point you are unsure if you are allowed to use a particular tool or do a a certain thing, confer with the sub and/or admin, and assume the answer is NO unless you get a YES. This will keep everyone out of trouble, and keep everyone safe. 
  • I will be going through the web pages in the next day and giving points in the grade book to those who I feel have met the minimum for page content. A lot of it I will be going through and reformatting to make it look the way I like, but like I said, I'm looking for content mainly. Please get on it if you haven't written or made anything yet, it will be in the midterm grade book. Email with questions whenever you have them.
  • Remember last week when you cut open half-gallon paint bottles and scraped them into squeeze bottles? First, thank you for taking care of that so quickly. Second, apparently there are more half-gallon bottles floating around somewhere. Ms. Jones might know where they are? I've emailed her about it. Unfortunately we don't have any more squeezy bottles, but if we find the half-gallons I'll purchase more, and there shall be more scraping. Let's focus on FINDING the half-gallons first, though. 
  • Tables are looking really good. Can't wait to see what Tech 1 comes up with.
  • I found a lot of misc. tools sitting around the shop when I left on Friday, so I did some tidying on the way out. Please sweep and put tools away EVERY DAY. Come up with a weekly rotation schedule for these jobs every day if you need to - 4 people on brooms, 3 people tools cleanup, last 10 minutes of every class. 

Notes for Tech 1 This Week

  • IMPORTANT: This is a reminder that I will be personally grading your Scenic Design Handbooks, which will be due at the end of Midterms day. They need to be IN YOUR GOOGLE FOLDER, or you will not be receiving credit for the assignment. Please take 10 minutes at the beginning of class today to make sure that you've moved your assignment to your shared Class Google folder (the one that looks like this: T1_S19_LastnameFirst) Assignment not in folder = Zero Points.
  • Great seeing you on Friday and hearing your ideas for the Super Bowl. It's one of my favorite projects to teach and I'm bummed I haven't been around for it, but I loved hearing what you've come up with so far. Please remember to focus on SPACE when designing your show. How are the performers using the field in creative ways? A football field is very large and there's a lot you can do with it.
  • You'll be painting the tables fairly soon. Please remember to bring clothes you don't mind getting paint on for those days. Excited to see what you design - this is a Spring-only assignment, so both Tech 1 classes in the Fall will be using your tables also!
  • Lighting quiz this week. Study materials are on the "Due Dates Calendar" page. Everything is on that page. Check that page regularly.
I do not know if I'll be making a visit this week. I'm going to try to come for a bit on Friday but I'm not sure at this point. I do need to drop in and and pick up some stuff for midterms before the grading period closes, so I'm sure I'll see you all fairly soon, if not this week. As always, email with any questions you have.

Mr. C.

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