Great to See You All! (Now let's get to work...)

I had such a blast coming in to visit today. It was so great to see all your smiling faces. I feel the love, truly I do. And I am so very, very proud of the work ya'll are doing.

The stage tech program has built up a lot of good will over the last few weeks as a result of that work. One of the best things you can do is to keep that good will up, support each other, and support every other organization on campus (drama, music, choir, dance, etc.) Building good relationships with your community is very powerful, and it always comes back to you when you're in need. Let's make sure we show everyone what kind of people we are, and what MVHS Stage Tech really represents.

Now, moving forward...

Below is the master list of website assignments for Tech 2.  Here's what's going to happen:
  1. I add everyone in Tech 2 as a collaborator to this Blog site via school Google email. I will also share a Google Folder where you will put files for your pages (pictures, Google Forms, etc.)
  2. When you receive my invitation, accept the invitation using your school email. After that, I will grant you Admin access to the blogger.
  3. Log in to using your school email.
  4. Go to "Pages" (NOT "posts") on the left side and find your page, click edit. You will find some form of instructions for what kind of content you need to make and some suggestions on how to format it. 
  5. Create your content, DUE Friday, 3/8.
  6. Profit.
I tested this with Jax and Jordan today and ran into some issues. The process of getting everyone invited / adminned / able to edit your pages might be a bit clunky, so I'm hoping Jax can help resolve this on Monday if it hasn't been figured out. 

If worst case scenario happens and being able to edit pages doesn't work out, we can look at creating the content somewhere else (a google doc, a blog post, somewhere.) But the main thing I'm concerned about is the content being generated. I can always edit and make pretty later if you make it and get it to me.

Let me know if you have any questions. Always feel free to email me. 

Home - Mr. C.
About - Mr. C.
Meet the Teacher - Mr. C.

Production Schedule - Jason, Cayden
Request a Project / Event Support - Hunter, Thomas
Apply for a Crew Position (Student Practical Hours...) - Jax
Student Officers - Morgan, Sam, Amelia

Items to Donate - David, Alex
Build Days - Savannah, Carson
Blue Sky / Big Ticket Wish List Projects - Mr. C.

Common Troubleshooting / MVHS Theatre How-To's - Will, Uzi
Reading List - Gavin
Web Resources - Vivian

Pictures - Alyssa
Videos - Lauren
MVHS Tech Instagram - Mr. C.
"The Stage Mage" - Mr. C.
Class Cryptids - Jordan, Leo