Les Mis Crew Announced!

Congrats to the Les Mis Crew! I expect there will be a crew meeting soon, so keep your eyes and ears open and check the website frequently.

Director: Carol Jones

Tech Director / Consultant: Matt Chewiwie

Asst. Tech Directors: Jordan Galloway, Alyssa Anchondo, Danielle Prince

Stage Manager: Jordan Galloway

ASMs: Danielle Prince, Alyssa Anchondo

House Manager: Juliann Henderson

Audio Technician - Body Mics: Jax Tubbs

Audio Technician - Band: TBD

Audio / Video Playback Operator: Cristian Abood

Lighting Designer: Will Clark

Asst. Lighting Designer: Sam Terrell

Light Board Operator:  Josh Hathaway

Follow Spot Operators: Robby Schroeder, Shannon Zaitz

Makeup Designer: Liv Batsford

Makeup Artists: Amelia Gilbertson, Vivian Schroeder, Savanna Ridenor, Morgan LaFaille

Props Master:  Nathan Harp

Stagehands: Danny Padilla, Morgan Anderson

If you did not make crew for this production, fear not because:

  • You will be given priority pick over any show and crew position for one show of your choice this term.
  • If we have any drop-outs or need to create an extra position on Les Mis, you will be first in line.
Please do not be discouraged - use this as an opportunity to get some more experience in the meantime, and please come back and interview next time! You can't succeed if you don't keep trying, and if you keep trying you will eventually succeed.