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Les Mis Crew Announced!

Congrats to the Les Mis Crew! I expect there will be a crew meeting soon, so keep your eyes and ears open and check the website frequently.

Director: Carol Jones

Tech Director / Consultant: Matt Chewiwie

Asst. Tech Directors: Jordan Galloway, Alyssa Anchondo, Danielle Prince

Stage Manager: Jordan Galloway

ASMs: Danielle Prince, Alyssa Anchondo

House Manager: Juliann Henderson

Audio Technician - Body Mics: Jax Tubbs

Audio Technician - Band: TBD

Audio / Video Playback Operator: Cristian Abood

Lighting Designer: Will Clark

Asst. Lighting Designer: Sam Terrell

Light Board Operator:  Josh Hathaway

Follow Spot Operators: Robby Schroeder, Shannon Zaitz

Makeup Designer: Liv Batsford

Makeup Artists: Amelia Gilbertson, Vivian Schroeder, Savanna Ridenor, Morgan LaFaille

Props Master:  Nathan Harp

Stagehands: Danny Padilla, Morgan Anderson

If you did not make crew for this production, fear not because:

You will be given priority pick over any show and crew position for one show of your choice thi…

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