Production Schedule (Sign Up to Work an Event)

Fall 2021 Productions

Click on the link under each event to sign up to work crew. Crew will be determined based on student grades, performance and behavior during Tech class, and previous events worked.

NOTE: Filling out an interest form does not guarantee you will be chosen to work the event, nor does it constitute a binding agreement that you must work said show. It is merely an expression of interest. 


Tech Needed:

  • Follow Spot Op (2x)
  • Light Board Op
  • Playback Op
  • Stage Manager
  • Sound Mixers (2x)

Time Commitment:

Tuesday 9/28, 305: Tech Logistics / Roundabout Meeting: Bands will meet with lighting crew and MCs, and Audio crew will have a full set up rehearsal including where to pull power from etc

Wednesday 9/29 , after school until completion- (hopefully 3-7pm max): Full Run through for all bands:
Hopefully audio crew can set everything up during 4th period and be almost ready when school ends.  

Thursday 9/30- TBD
Available as an emergency if we don't make it through everything and/or if there are major issues that still need to be fixed/addressed

Friday 10/1 - Performance
Tech Call Time: After School (dinner break when available - bring dinner or have dinner arranged to be brought to you.)
House Open:  630, 
Pre-Show 645
Show: 7