Unit 1: Intro to Stage Lighting

Writing Prompts / Videos (indv.)

A collection of in-class writing prompts and video links for the unit.

The Spot vs Wash / Dissect an ERS (group)

An introduction to the Lighting Unit, as well as a look at the differences between wash and spot lighting instruments, and a detailed look at the ETC Source 4 instrument.

Study Guide / Slides

Create a Gobo (indv.)

Students will create 3 unique designs for Gobos. They will then narrow their ideas down to one design, and use this to create and test a custom Gobo.

"Sell Me a Light!" (2-3)

In groups of 2 or 3, students are assigned a lighting instrument for which they must create a "Sales Pitch." Students will research all aspects of this instrument, collaborate on a shared Google Slide presentation, and then present their pitch. They must "sell" the instrument to the class and convince them why they need to buy this instrument.

DIGITAL HANDBOOK - Lighting (indv.)

Students will create a digital, visual glossary of important lighting vocabulary terms.

Electrics Team Training (group)

Assignment Link

Draw a Light Plot Based on a Set (indv.)

Draw a Repertory Light Plot (indv.)

Light Board Training (group)

Students are given hands on training on the basic operations of the ETC Ion Lighting Control Console.

Follow Spot Operation Training (group)

Assignment Link

3-Point Lighting Theory Slides (McCandless)

Unit Quiz (indv.)

What to Study: