Unit 2: Intro to Scenic Design / Props / Carpentry

DISSECT a Half Time Show (Table Group)

In groups, students will choose a past Super Bowl Half Time Show to analyze. Students will create Google Slide presentation and present to the class. Afterwards, the show will be screened to the class, followed by a class discussion.

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DESIGN a Half Time Show (table group)

In groups, students will conceptualize and then design a new Super Bowl Halftime Show. Students will create a light plot, provide costume inspirations, and build a model set using Legos, scrap wood, or found objects. Students will present their pitch to the class.

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DIGITAL HANDBOOK - Scenic & Props (indv.)

Students will create a digital, visual glossary of important scenic, props, and carpentry terms.

Stage Speed Dating (table group)

Students become experts on and create a slide presentation for a particular topic (types of stage configurations) and rapidly present their projects to several student groups in a short amount of time.

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"Sell Me a Tool" (2-3)

In groups of 2 or 3, students are assigned a tool for which they must create a "Sales Pitch." Students will research all aspects of this tool, collaborate on a shared Google Slide presentation, and then present their pitch. They must "sell" the tool to the class and convince them why they need to buy this tool.

Prop Project (partners)

In groups of 2, students will draw blueprints, make a cut list, and build a prop.

Build a Birdhouse

Build a Treasure Chest

Design a Set (table group)

The class is shown a scene from a movie, and each table must create a sage model and scene breakdown for an adaptation of the scene to stage.  Each table group will be assigned a different stage configuration, and their concept must cater to this type of stage.

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Unit Quiz (indv.)